Spy Bingo Review

Ever wanted to be a secret agent?  At Spy Bingo, you can be.  Sign up and embark on a top secret mission to secure big prizes.

SpyBingo.com made its debut in November of 2015 on the Dragonfish network, and is operated by 888 Holdings (a leading online gaming company).  It is pretty much the standard Dragonfish site, well-run and efficiently managed, with all the usual games and promotions.  As with most sites on this network, this one has a distinct theme.  However, the spy theme doesn’t extend much further than the home page.  It would have been cool to incorporate it into some of the games or promotions, but sadly, the site fails to do that.

The website features the regular bingo games you would expect to find on a Dragonfish site.  The classic 75 ball and 90 ball games are there, as well as 52-5 bingo game.  New to bingo or have questions on how online bingo works?  No problem!  The website provides detailed information on everything you need to know!  If you’re looking for more than just bingo, there’s a good selection of other options as well, including slots, instant win, and progressive jackpots.

One interesting feature of the site is the scrolling list of top winners and current progressive jackpots that is found on the home page.  This is perfect if you want to see where the jackpots stand at the moment without having to click on a bunch of different links.  Plus, it’s always fun to see how much others are winning.

Think this adventure is right for you?  While the quest for cash may not necessarily be easy, fortunately, the registration process is.  Just click the “Join Now” button at the top of the web page and fill out some basic information.  Nothing too revealing, just your name, date of birth, country, and email address.  That’s it!  You’re ready to go!

Probably the biggest criticism of Spy bingo is the high level of wagering required before you can make a withdrawal.  While receiving a 300% bonus on your initial deposit to be split between bingo and other games seems generous, it also increases the amount you must spend before you can cash out your winnings.  It’s important to note that you do have the option to decline the welcome bonus, if you so choose.

In conclusion of our Spy Bingo Review,  while this is a perfectly decent online bingo site, it lacks the excitement and thrill that you might expect with a name like “Spy Bingo”.  All the games and features are the typical ones found on the majority of bingo sites, with very few unique promotions to set it apart.  In the case of some of the other online bingo brands, it’s clear that a lot of time and thought went into creating the site.  With this one, it seems like it was just thrown together quickly with little attempt to make it special.  And then there’s the extremely high and sometimes difficult to understand wagering requirements.  If you’re just looking for a reliable bingo site with the expected games, this site will do.  If you want something different and fresh, it may be best to look elsewhere.


Spy Bingo Welcome Offer

Register with Spy Bingo and make your first deposit and you will receive a 300% bonus!  This bonus is split evenly between bingo games and other instant win games, giving you an extra 150% on each.  So by making an initial deposit of £10, you will then have £40 to begin your chase for the big jackpot.  Maximum bonus amount given is £105.


Wagering requirements

The wagering requirements for each game may be different.  Since this information can change, please see the Terms and Conditions on the website for complete details.

If the wagering requirements have not yet been met, any money won from bingo bonus spending or instant bonus spending will be placed in the bonus balance.

Bonus money can be transferred to real money, but cannot go more than £400 over the amount of the first deposit plus the bonus received on that deposit.  Progressive jackpot winnings are the lone exception to this.

Figuring out the requirements for Spy Bingo is complicated.  For a bingo bonus, the usual wagering requirement is that you must spend at least 4 times the amount of your bonus in real money before you are eligible for a withdrawal.  Then there’s game bonuses, in which you are required to spend at least 80 times your initial deposit plus your bonus before you can withdraw.  This becomes confusing when the bonus is a combination of a bingo bonus and games bonus.  The equation is complex, but the end result is that you would have to spend a massive £2060 of your game bonus before you are able to cash out your winnings.  And to add to all this, there are also bonuses on other instant games, such as slots, that require you to spend at least 99 times the amount of the bonus.

The minimum amount that you can request to withdraw is £20.  To make a withdrawal, you must have already deposited at least £30.  A maximum of 10 withdrawals per day is allowed.  You may be required to show proof of ID, address and a copy of your card before making your first withdrawal.

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