Tasty Bingo Review

With its unique food theme and plenty of images of mouth-watering treats, Tasty Bingo may be the most appetizing bingo site around. With a wide variety of bingo and other jackpot, instant win and casino games, there is sure to be a flavour that suits everyone.

Tasty Bingo is a smaller community compared to many of the online bingo sites. The site uses Dragonfish software, but is not actually a part of the Dragonfish network. The upside of this is that there is less competition, which means that your odds of winning are increased.

While some might think that a smaller website means less fun and excitement, that couldn’t be further from the truth for Tasty Bingo. In fact, the active, vibrant community is one of the best perks to joining this site. Before the days of the internet, bingo was a social activity for many people. The chat rooms on Tasty Bingo bring that social element back into the online game.

Tasty Bingo has three main bingo games:

  • 75 ball bingo – a 5 x 5 grid with 25 different numbers (from 1 to 75).
  • 90 ball bingo – 3 lines with 5 different numbers on each line (from 1 to 90).
  • 5-line bingo -The card is similar to 75 ball, but it contains numbers from 1 to 90 and has no “free” square. The goal is to cover the lines either horizontally or diagonally. There are several different ways you could win.


In addition to bingo, there is a large selection of other games available on this site. Tasty Bingo features various slot, casino and instant win games, as well as scratch cards. With so many options to explore, Tasty Bingo is a site where you can eat and eat and never feel full.

If all this doesn’t make you hungry enough to sign up, perhaps the words FREE BINGO will entice you. That’s right. Tasty Bingo offers funded players the chance to join in a bingo room for no cost. The free rooms are open 24 hours per day. What could be more tempting than that?

If you now feel ready to dig in, but aren’t sure where to start, don’t worry. Tasty Bingo makes it easy to sign up and register an account. Just click on the “Join Now” tab and fill out a few bits of information. It’s quite easy and only takes a couple minutes.

Want to try it out before committing your money? Check out the free and cheap tabs to test some of the games. There are bingo games with ticket prices starting at only 1p, with the rate slowly creeping up until you reach the maximum of £1.

The best part about joining Tasty Bingo is the ability to take advantage of numerous sweet deals. The site frequently offers all kinds of succulent promotions. From team bingo to tournaments, there is always something fun going on. Weekends often bring a selection of winner takes all prizes, where you could be rewarded for wagering or winning the most on particular games, or for meeting specific criteria within the game.

In conclusion, not only does Tasty Bingo offer a fun concept and delectable images, it also features an enticing assortment of games. And the tantalizing mixture of special promotions increases your chances to win big.

Welcome Offer at Tasty Bingo

Looking for a delicious reward! All you have to do is sign up for Tasty Bingo and make your first deposit of £10, and you’ll instantly receive £40 to get started on games! And that’s just the beginning. There’s plenty of other sweet treats down the road as you continue.

Jackpots & Promotions at Tasty Bingo

One of the greatest benefits of joining Tasty Bingo is being able to participate in the many delicious promotions they serve up each month. Here are some samples off of their promotions menu:

    • Cash Fountain – Feel your luck has gone cold lately? Head over to the “Hot Chocolate” room any night of the week to warm up and play for a chance to win £500! This game starts each night at 7:00pm and goes until midnight. The jackpot starts at £500 and decreases to £30 as the night goes on. So start early and hope to win quickly! If you want to win the top prize, your entire bingo card must be filled. Cost of a card for Cash Fountain is 10p.
    • Pay Day – Who doesn’t love Pay Day? Especially Tasty Bingo’s Pay Day, where you can win prizes accumulating up to £1500. Jackpots will be split among winners with £650 for full house, £250 for one line, £150 for two lines, and £450 for one line to go. This 90-ball game takes place on the final Friday of the month, and a ticket to play costs 5p.
    • £30 Sneaky Snacks – Choose between two games and try your shot at the £30 jackpot. The first game is a 90-ball bingo game that takes place in the “Cheers” room. The second is a 75-ball bingo game that is won by being the first player to cover the layer cake pattern, and is played in the “Tangy Tomato” room. Both of these games have a ticket price of only 5p.
    • 5-Line Flavours – This game is designed especially for those players who love the fast-paced bingo games. Four fixed jackpots of £25 are given out every day between noon and midnight. Buy your ticket for just 5p and join the action!
    • Slots and Bingo Tourneys – Take part in this weekly promotion for a shot at a cash prize! Players will compete to make it to the top of the leader board in bingo or slots with every stake getting you closer to the prize.

Looking for the best jackpot prizes? Check out the “Weekly Pre-buys” link under the Promotions tab. Some of the games featured include:

  • £200 Friday Feast – A cash jackpot of £200 is guaranteed each week! Even if you fall short of the grand prize, there are other chances to win. You can earn £20 for having one winning line, £30 for two winning lines, and a jackpot of £150 for having a full house. The Friday Feast begins at 8:30pm and a ticket to play costs 20p.
  • £50 Saturday Night Takeaway – No big plans for Saturday night and feeling bummed about staying home? How about a shot at £50 in real cash to make you feel better! You can win by covering the S pattern on the card. You have the ability to purchase between 1 and 96 cards ahead of time, with each card costing only 2p.
  • £500 Golden Delicious – This game features a grand prize of £500, to be split among the winners. There is also a prize of £400 to be divided among all those with one number to go. Join in every Wednesday night at 9:00pm. Cards can be pre-bought for a price of 50p each.
  • £2 Mill Thrill – Want to go for the big money? Then this 75-ball bingo game is for you, where you’ll have a chance to win anywhere from £500 to £2m. To win the minimum prize of £500, you need to get a BINGO within 54 numbers called. The prizes increase the less calls you need to get BINGO, with the grand prize of £2m awarded to anyone who gets a BINGO within 40 numbers called. This game is played every Saturday evening at 9:00pm. You can purchase your tickets in advance for a cost of £1.
  • Daily £50 Jackpot – Be the first to cover a pattern and win the jackpot! £50 is guaranteed each night, with a total of £350 given out on a weekly basis. This game is played every night at 8:00pm and the cost of a card is 50p. The numbers of tickets that can be pre-purchased is limited to 48.

Withdrawal and wagering

  • Minimum withdrawal: £10
  • Processing time: up to a week
  • Bingo wagering requirement: 2 times the deposit and the bonus combined
  • Games wagering requirement: 50 times the bonus

The required wagering amount is based on the first deposit and applies to bingo games only. Requirements may be different for other games on the site. Since this information can change, please see the Terms and Conditions on the Tasty Bingo website for more information.

Tasty Bingo requires that your wager be twice the deposit amount plus the bonus amount received. You cannot make a withdrawal until a minimum of £20 has been deposited. This amount must have been wagered at least once. Your withdrawal amount must be no less than £10. For your first withdrawal, you may be required to show proof of ID. Once approved, your withdrawal will be processed within 48 hours and will reach your account between 2 and 8 days after that. The withdrawal method used may affect the speed of the process.

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