Slots with the Best Payout

Unlike Bingo where you have to be patient and wait for all the numbers to be called, Slots are more of a mind game.  With Slots, you have to use caution with picking the gaming provider and slots website you want to use.  So how do you determine if a slots site is good from a payouts point of view?  The only way you are going to find that answer is through the use of some advanced mathematics.  Or, you can save yourself the headaches of complex calculations since our expert team of researchers here at Bingo Beaver has already done that for you and have selected the best payout slots sites that have successfully passed our thorough research and testing.


Advancements Over Recent Years


Online bingo operators have made a collaborative effort over recent years to improve the user experience by adding a wider selection of games.  These additions go beyond bingo-focused games such as themed bingo games and five-line games and reach into the realm of casino slots and games.


Bingo  Beaver  has conducted extensive research in the world of online slot games in order to provide you with the best payout slots on the web.  Just one more reason why Bingo beaver  should be your first stop before deciding on which site to commit to.


Even if you are new to the world of online slot games and have never played before, there are several good reasons as to why you should at least give it a try.  These sites provide you with many chances to win big and they are a great alternative to when you need a break from online bingo.  However, if you want to have a shot at hitting the best payouts, you need to be aware of a few factors.  Let’s take a deeper look at these factors in our Guide to the Best Payout Slots.


The Role of RPTs


If you are not familiar with the world of casino games and slots, RTP might not make much sense to you.  However, if you are looking for the sites with the best payout slots, it is a very important factor.  RTP is the Theoretical Return to Player.  Basically, this is a percentage of money that you spend on a game that will be paid back to you over a period of time.  While not all slot games advertise their RTP, some do.  If you are looking for the best payout slots, check the rules or paytable of a game before you start playing and read some game reviews from unbiased third parties.  Better yet, check to see if the bingo or casino site you are planning on using list their games RTPs.  For us here at Bingo Beaver, a good RTP is in the neighborhood of 94% or better.


The Effect of RNGs on Game Payouts


Here is another factor that might sound alien to you if you are not familiar with how the bingo and casino sites operate, RNG.  Random Number Generators, RNGs, are used by bingo and casino sites that offer memberships to players in the UK.  This is not an optional feature, it is required by law to ensure fair gaming.  This software randomly generates game outcomes.  It decides with symbols will appear in a slots game, or which cards will be dealt in a blackjack game.  To see if your site is using RNGs, check for the “Fair Play Policy” link or the eCOGRA logo somewhere on the homepage.

Payout Policies


Payout policies play a significant role in determining the payout of a site.  Most bingo operators in the UK have a withdrawal or payout policy in their terms and conditions.  While reading all of the fine print can be boring and time-consuming, it is a necessity if after a win you decide you want to request a payout.


You may find that if you use your bonus funds on a slot game and win, you might not be able to withdraw any winnings.  Why?  Because your winnings may be capped until you reach a certain amount or that you have to wager your bonus amount a specific number of times before you can make a withdrawal.  Payout policies can affect your payout even if you are playing with real money.  Some sites have a limit on how much you can withdraw on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.  This is another reason why reading the terms and conditions.


Tips for Getting the Best Payout From Bingo Sites


Some players believe that winning at slot games is purely based on luck.  On the other hand, some believe that there is a strategy involved that will help increase your odds of winning.  From a technical view, only the slots themselves determine if you are going to be a winner or loser thanks to RNGs.  However, by following some basic rules, you can slightly push the odds in your favor, just keep an eye on what you can afford to spend.


Some slots games use fixed paylines, meaning you can’t alter how many pay lines are in play.  However, on some games, you can.  While it may be tempting to play it safe and use only one payline for a few cents, it limits your chances of winning.  We recommend that you use all pay lines when you are playing.  Yes, you will use more money with each spin, but you can lower the bet amount so you can comfortably stay in a range that you can afford.


Don’t forget about the game’s Theoretical Return to Player, RTP.  If the game you are playing has an RTP of only 70%, move on to a different game that has a better RTP.


Our Bingo Beaver team also encourages you to start off by playing the basic slots, games without complex features or three-reel games.  After you have a better understanding of how they work, such as the effects of paylines and how paylines award prizes, you can raise your stakes and move on to slot games that have advanced features.


Gambling Responsibly


Gambling can be fun and exciting, however, you cannot lose track of the real world you live in.  Yes, your mission might be to find the best payout slots and winning does feel great, but if you find yourself continually on the losing side, it is best to step away.  Decide on a budget before you start playing and do not stray from it.  Along with a monetary limit, you should also establish a time limit for how long you will play.  This will help to prevent you from getting carried away.  In the event that you find yourself possibly getting addicted to gambling, immediately seek help from organizations such as Gamcare.  You can also ask the operator of your site to lower your limit, or, better yet, disable your account.


Best Payout Slots Recommendations


We have listed bingo operators that offer excellent payouts to their members.  We regularly update this list so that you are informed on the best payout options available.  Go ahead and take a look.  With some luck, you could be well on your way to a big win.
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