Playing Online Bingo

If you want to play bingo 7 days a week for 24 hours a day, look no further than the internet.  A plethora of options is available online for bingo games and bingo-related games.  All you need to enjoy this digital world of bingo is a computer, updated preferably, a modem, access to the internet, and software for browsing the web.

We created this article to help you get the most enjoyment out of your online bingo experience.  We will cover the general rule for playing online bingo, provide you with some tips so you can get started easier, and talk about how you can collect your winnings safely.  We are even going to cover some of the terminologies so you can communicate with other players.


The only major difference from online bingo and playing at a bingo hall is less noise and no smoke unless you are a smoker.  Your main bingo card, a pop-up window, will contain the following information:


  • chat room functions
  • the faces of your cards, typically three
  • a list of current players
  • the current number as well as a board showing the numbers that were called previously


However, online bingo isn’t simply a card.  Most of the sites that host games have a great deal of other fun online stuff.  You can find bingo news, special tournament and event announcements, comments and pictures of previous winners, and prize lists.

Online bingo site reviews and tips

Required Fees


You can find plenty of free online games, but most do charge some sort of fee.  Plus, you will have to deal with pop-up advertisements that will usually appear near the game card.  For fees, you will obviously have your normal monthly internet bill, but many sites are pay-for-play, meaning you have to pay an online buy-in using your credit card or debit card.  While you do have to pay to play, these sites are usually the one’s that are awarding the larger prizes.

Playing Online Bingo

Getting started: If you want to start off by competing for prizes with free games.  To start off, you will have to create a username and have a valid email address, but that is basically all you need to do in order to get started.  Most of the games you will find will be coverall or straight-line bingo.

For each game, players will receive three cards that display in a pop-up window along with the chat area and tote board.  The pattern for the game will appear as well in the right upper corner of the screen.  The number are randomly generated by online bingo sites.  Players will daub their cards as the numbers are called with their mouse.  If a player matches the game pattern, they will hit the “Bingo” button.

Prizes:  Most have some cash prizes, but don’t expect to win any large amounts of money.  Most games are established with a predetermined amount of “bingo credits”  Once you hit 1,000 bingo credits, you can exchange them for gift certificates .


There are progressive blackout jackpots that can easily hit 1,500 bingo bucks, but you will be facing the same odds as you would in a real bingo hall.  It can be days before anyone even gets close to hitting the jackpot.  

Being Social:  After playing online for a while, you will start to recognize the usernames of players you see online frequently.  While some games are very chatty and sociable, you will find that there are also games that are very quiet.  If you find yourself in a chatty game, you are by no means required to be sociable if you don’t want to be.  Additionally, if you find that there is a particular player that is being rude or bothersome, all you have to do is click the ignore button and they will not be able to bother you again.  If you would like to chat with certain people, without it being posted in the chatroom, you have the ability to send confidential messages in “Private Chat”.

In the beginning, however, you may not have a great deal of time for chatting until you get used to the speed of the “caller.”  The online caller is just a little box that displays what number has been selected.  Most first-time online bingo players think it goes a bit fast.  However, it won’t take you long before it becomes easier for you to keep up with the action.  You might even find enough time for checking out other sites, such as ADD REVIW and AD REVIW.
Potential Issues:  While the hosts of online bingo sites do their best to provide you with a pleasant, trouble-free experience, sometimes online bingo games don’t operate as smoothly as you would like.  Games can get very slow, depending on your internet quality, connection speeds, traffic on the site, and even issues with the web itself can cause some delays.  You might also have issues with the card face not fitting on your screen correctly.  However, if you are patient, these issues tend to work themselves out soon enough.

Tips for Online Bingo


Simply having a computer and an understanding of how bingo works don’t make you an expert in the realm of online bingo.  With that being said, we are going to provide you with some tips that will make your online bingo experience more successful and enjoyable.


Safety First

While there might be a large amount of people lurking on the web and waiting to take whatever information they can from you, playing bingo online should be a safe experience, so long as you follow these safety tips.  

Check the Sites Legitimacy:  Some gambling sites look authentic and seem like a safe place to secure your credit card information so you can play and have a good time.  However, just because a site “appears” authentic does not mean that it is.  On the other hand, some of the less legitimate-looking sites might actually be legitimate, but they are so disorganized it makes playing the game nearly impossible.


Since there is no “Better Business Bureau” for online bingo sites, how do you tell if a site is legitimate?  For starters, if you are only looking to play some bingo and not really interested in gambling, the free bingo sites that have been established by the leaders in the industry, such add reviews here  are very safe.  However, if gambling while playing bingo is what you are looking for, check out the sites security measures and their “Privacy Policy”.  Both should give you a clear picture of just how safe the site is.  You can also visit message boards that discuss online bingo and see if there have been reports of anyone being ripped off on the site you are interested in.  Bingo Bugle is such a site where players can give feedback for reporting problems with online games.


Keep your password safe from prying eyes:  If your idea of a secure password is “1234qwer” think again.  Use a unique combination of the lowercase and uppercase letters, numbers, and special characters that will make it impossible for others to guess, and keep it to yourself.  If you should happen to forget what it is, most online bingo sites have a “hint” feature or an option to have the password sent to your e-mail.

Beware of big money promises:  While not all sites that offer huge jackpots are scams, making promises of huge winnings is a method used by shady characters to attract you to their site and to get their hands on your credit card information.


Try out free games:  Look for websites that promise fun over prizes.  If you can win actual prizes, great.  But sticking to high-traffic free sites is a safe way of going about playing.  Besides, if the site isn’t what you are looking for, you can always move on to another site without the loss of any money.
The Lingo of Online Bingo

The chat area that can be found on nearly every online bingo site can be very confusing if you are are not up-to-date on online bingo.  Online bingo players use a shorthand version for many common expressions in order to keep up with the caller.  Here are some examples of what you can expect to see:


  • gg = Good Game
  • Numbers = typically the number the player needs to high bingo.
  • wtg = Way To Go
  • pls = Please
  • rotfl = Rolling On The Floor Laughing
  • gj = Good Job
  • gl = Good Luck
  • tyvm = Thank You Very Much
  • lol = laughing Out Loud
  • brb = Be Right Back

These are just a few of the more commonly used “abbreviations” for popular phrases and expressions.  While there are much more, once you start chatting for awhile, you will easily be able to figure out what the other player is saying.