Superstitions and Luck in Bingo

We all seem to know someone that seems to win not matter how often they play.  “Dumb luck” has no explanations and even the most advanced odds-computing formulas cannot come up with a reason for such success.  Just as with any other type of activity where money could be potentially gained or lost, bingo has many devoted players that, regardless of how often they may lose, use what they consider to be lucky “rituals” or items to encourage Lady Luck to pay them a visit.  Below, we are going to show some of the different superstitions items to help improve their odds.

Lucky Money in bingo

Lucky Charms

Whether most people will admit it or not, statistics show that 3 out of 4 people carry some form of good luck charm.  If you ever look around at the bingo tables while you are waiting for the next round to start, chances are you will see all sorts of items cluttering the tables.  Whether it is lucky coins, dolls, gemstones, or small toys, just about any type of item can be considered a lucky charm.


Lucky Seats

Luck does not always have to be attached to a specific item.  If you are new to the world of bingo, be warned when you take a seat.  There is a good chance that when you settle into a seat, that you may be tapped on the shoulder and asked to move.  Why?  Because the seat you have chosen is someone’s lucky seat and they have been sitting there every bingo night for seven years.  Don’t argue about whether or not the seat is actually lucky, just graciously give up the seat and find your own special spot.  Besides, who wants to play bingo if they are not comfortable and are unable to truly enjoy the evening?  And not giving the person their lucky seat might turn into some bad karma for you.

Lucky Money


One of the more common items you will see that serve as lucky charms are money.  People will go as far as placing coins in a very specific order on or around their cards.  While on the other hand, there are those that would never leave money on the table for fear if it getting lost and having the opposite effect.

Lucky Numbers

Numbers, or a combination thereof, have been considered lucky for a very long time.  However, just as with placing money on the table, what you might consider a lucky number could be an unlucky number for another player.

The Winning Edge?

If the only reason you play bingo is to gamble, you might want to find a different activity to scratch your gambling itch.  When compared to racetracks and casinos, a bingo hall has a significantly larger edge.  Even though they may return 60 percent of the buy-ins back to players as jackpots, a bingo hall is keeping 40 percent for themselves, ensuring a profit.  You would have a better chance at winnings playing a craps table at a casino that has a house edge of around 17 percent.

Bingo is a game of chance and should be played for the thrill of actually playing more than for winning.  If increasing your chances of winning is your goal, choose cards that are not duplicates, look for big paybacks, use your lucky charms, find poorly attended games that feature nice guarantees, pay attention, and most importantly, have fun.  The atmosphere and thrill of being only a number or two away from bingo are what attracts players to the bingo halls in the first place.

Following the provided guidelines we have mentioned in this article should help you to find even more joy in the game of bingo, and some additional winnings in the process won’t hurt.