Wagering in Bingo is …

As far as bonuses, the single hurdle between you and your cash is the wagering requirements. Summing this all up, you cannot get the bonus, you cannot get the deposit relating to it, or the winnings accumulated from it until you complete the wagering requirements as they are outlined by the site. The wagering requirements are a basic component of the online bingo world. As such, it’s crucial that you fully grasp what this means to you and your winnings.


Wagering requirements can be a bit difficult to understand, but this guide offers a fully comprehensible outlook, covering everything, that will clarify what they are, how they work, and how they will impact you. It is highly recommended that you read it thoroughly before claiming any bonuses.

Wagering Requirements, What Are They?

Everyone loves a freebie, and online bingo will certainly get you a lot of them. A competitive industry, most bingo sites must offer lavish welcome packages to lure their customers. These perks aren’t just for new players! They offer a bunch of other extras keeping their veterans playing long after they’ve joined. Still, there are unseen elements beyond the glistening giveaways and incentives. The bingo sites may be throwing money at you, but here’s the caveat – the wagering requirements.

Before you can withdraw your winnings, the wagering requirement, a multiplier, specifies exactly how many times you need to wager first. You can withdraw real cash but the wagering requirements provides you the means of getting to your bonus funds. There are a few sites – very few in comparison with those that don’t – which do afford you the ability to cash out cleanly, but it often results in forfeiture of that bonus. Who in blazes wants to forego on extra ducats?

Why Are They On Bingo Sites?

Despite the pain in the bum they can cause, wagering requirements aren’t on the online bingo sites solely to torque your cheeks. Of the several reasons they are in place, primarily they prevent the abuse of bonuses. If players were to keep taking out cash and boning up on accruing bonuses, they would never make any real money. Additionally, they also have to observe procedures in place that are designed to prevent money laundering. Also, wagering requirements stops players from putting money in and then snatching it out again. And perhaps just as importantly, it’s an effective means to keep you playing at the site, and in ensuring that the bingo rooms stay occupied and bustling with commercial activity.

The Different Types of Bonuses

Mostly, there are two different sets of wagering requirements. There is one for bingo bonuses, and one all-inclusive set for the other types. A very important fact to remember, the wagering requirements for bingo bonuses can only be used as exchange from wagering on bingo games. Just like, you can only redeem slots bonuses by playing slot games. But bingo lovers rejoice! Bingo bonuses generally offer much lower wagering requirements when compared to other online bonuses. So with online Bingo, it won’t be so much of a hurdle to get your mitts on your money.

How Big Are Bonuses?

That depends on the site. Some are quite reasonable wagering requirements. Whereas with others, it can be like pulling teeth to extract your money. Have a clear understanding of what you’re getting into before signing up to any site.

In the online bingo world, finding a bonus without wagering requirements is about as easy as finding a virgin at Spring break, but if you’re really fortunate, you might find a site that offers them with just a one play through.

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, you would have had to rake through the small print with a fine-toothed comb for details about wagering requirements, but at the end of 2015, the Gambling Commission stepped in and changed all of that. Now required by law, Bingo sites, when advertising a bonus offer, must specify the wagering requirement as well as any other significant terms and conditions. Also, you can check out the wagering requirements in the specified in the terms and conditions at time of sign up.

withdraw on any day of the week or month is also capped, so it is better that you cash out regularly than to let it accumulate.


Some of the top sites with low wagering limits



With Dragonfish, the usual wagering requirement is 4x, its slots bonuses varying between 80x and 99x. At one point, you had the option of not needing the wagering requirements. Unfortunately however, you would lose out on any left-over bonus. This option still exists, but if you request a withdrawal before completing the wagering requirements, you forego your bonus.  It’s just not worth it. This choice was first rolled out to the primary Dragonfish network, then later to all the other sites. On the upside however, Dragonfish bonuses don’t go away, as long as your account is active.


You should also be aware that Dragonfish/Cassava/888 sites have additional restrictions on its slots bonuses and free spins. Meaning, the amount of winnings you are able to cash out at any one time is capped at £400 plus the bonus itself. Many of these sites offer a bargain of lower wagering requirement, 30x and 50x.

Daub Alderney

Daub Alderney sites are awesome for slots players, because the bonuses come with wagering requirements of just 20x or 25x. And at just 4x, the wagering requirement for bingo bonuses isn’t too shabby either. If you are unacquainted with the Daub name, you should know that they power top brands such as Lucky Pants Bingo and Kitty Bingo.

Jumpman Gaming

Jumpman Gaming is a comparatively new piece of software. It powers all the sites on the 15 Network, most recently The Wheel of Slots. The wagering requirements on both these networks are quite standard. As you can probably determine from its name, The Wheel of Slots focuses on slot games. So, expect lots of free spins. The only downfall is that they come with a 40x wagering requirement. The 15 Network gives bingo bonuses with a 4x play through and slots bonuses with a 40x play through

Bede Gaming
Bede Gaming has a reasonable 4x wagering requirement on deposit bonuses, 10x on no deposit bonuses. It’s best to make a deposit as soon as you join. Otherwise your winnings are capped at just £20. There’s also betting restrictions with your outstanding wagering requirements. So be certain that you complete them as soon as possible.

Bright Bingo is powered by B-Live, which means that they are chock-full of bonuses and promotions, all with reasonable wagering requirements, such as 4x for deposit bonuses and 10x for no deposit bonuses. The single downfall here is that you can only take out your winnings but not the bonus itself.


Mainly focusing on slots, Probability mobile sites offer bonuses carrying a 50x wagering requirement.


With Bingo.com and Maria from Relax Gaming, the standard wagering requirement is 35x. But don’t worry. It’s not as bad as it sounds, because bingo stakes count as double. Free spins are subject to a 15x wagering requirement, which is splendid for slots players. Bonuses are also frequently dispensed as a bingo voucher that can only to be spent in the bingo rooms. These carry a wagering requirement of just 3x.

At Tombola, you can withdraw your winnings without meeting any wagering requirements. Sounds awesome, right? There is a caveat, however. You need to maintain as much cash as bonus money in your account.

Lastly, mFortune is a mobile bingo site that offers bonuses with only a 1x wagering requirement attached.

At Mainstage Bingo, the wagering requirements are 4x for bingo bonuses and 35x for slots bonuses. Until you make a first deposit, your winnings are paid out as bonus funds. Afterwards, they’re then subject to the standard wagering requirements.

After reviewing this bingo guide, you should now have a better understanding of wagering requirements. You should have a general idea of where you can find the premium bonus offers, and you should now be up to taking the bingo cash cow by the horns.

So, get to it.